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What is the 7LGuide?

Agent Driven Coding

By using agent provided information we're able to show you what the market is calling specific points. You're now able to see what the zone really is and see who services that market.


The 7LGuide is completely netural which allows us to ensure that all agents are able to add their coding in. Agents are not required to pay a subscription fee to be part of the dataset. If you'd like to make sure you're listed, contact us at

Completely Free

At 7LFreight we made this site so you can enjoy free zone codings along with our other tools. We invite you to stop by to view all of our tools!

How does it work?

The Coding

At 7LFreight, we have been maintain cartage databases for freight forwarders for years. We've always noticed that while most of a market might code a specific point one way, there are generally a few more that might code it something different. We decided to aggregate our data sets to show what percentage of the market is calling it what zone. With a quick search you're able to see the primary result along with a secondary result. You'll see exactly what percentage of the market agrees on the primary coding, and in just one click you can see contact information for who services the point!

Average Rates

Along with all of the points data. We show the average minimum, hundered weight and fuel surcharge of that coding. You'll be able to get a rought estimate as to what you'd pay for a regular delivery. If you need accessorials or an exact rate calculated come on over to and we'll be able to get you taken care of.

The Agents

We also have opened up a new directory which will allow you to search by airport code to lookup agents. After you've found the one you're looking for you'll be able to see their phone and fax along with their hours of operation. If you want to update any information just click on report and you'll be able to let us know if something has changed. While we are constantly updating information some times things change without us knowing.

The 7LGuide Process

Plan what you need.

With so many options in today's market place
it is important to see who is in te market.
With one search quickly see all the options!

Select your agent

With just a click, make your carrier selection.
You'll be able to see all the important contact
information for the carrier. Would you like to
see their specific rates? Be sure to visit

Quote and Convert

Spend more time on revenue generating
activities and less time on looking up agents
and zones. Get accurate detailed information
instantly so you can quickly convert quote